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Manual Traps

All our Manual Traps feature:

  • Each trap offers you supreme clay throwing, with easy adjustment of elevations without the need for a spanner and minimal clay breakage.
  • Bearings are protected from the environment and our high quality aluminium castings make for many years of trouble free operation and enjoyment.
  • Safety features have been incorporated into the design of our traps with safety rings and positive trigger releases as just two examples.
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SuperTrap 3

SuperTrap No 3 - (Complete with Sled Stand No 2)

Everything you could want from a manual clay pigeon trap is provided with the SuperTrap Number 3.

Our best selling manual trap provides a huge variety of targets including single and double rising targets.

It is so flexible you’re sure to have lots of fun as well as a potentially challenging shooting experience. This trap is ideal for enthusiasts as well as large and small grounds.

  • Highlights
  • Specifications
  • Rapid adjustment the elevation with our unique lever locking adjustment.
  • Elevation to any angle for throws from slow dropping pigeons to bullet fast springing teals
    (with a wedge plate).
  • Can throw three clay sizes; standards, midis and minis.
  • Can use our complete range of hook type springs.
  • Safety as standard with positive locking.

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