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Automatic Traps

All our Automatic Traps are manufactured with:

  • Hi-tensile/heavy duty aluminium castings
  • A 50 metre cable with button release for convenience and safety
  • Hard wired circuitry and yellow guards for safety
  • Long life bearings and seals
  • Knife edge clay feed system for multi stack traps for outstanding performance
  • Stainless steel sprung soft fall plate for reduced clay breakage
  • Supplied fully assembled and tested with three year warranty
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Supermatch Rabbit

Supermatch Rabbit

A High Performance, Low Cost, Reliable Dedicated Rabbit Trap.

The design is strong ang robust but also light enough to be easily transported.

The large diameter wheels allow the trap to roll over terrain easily.

  • Highlights
  • Specifications
  • 300 Clay Capacity
  • Rabbit can roll up to 80 metres
  • Re-cocking time of 1.9 seconds
  • Price includes Low Profile Barrow
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